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Brian Banks

Exonerated Former Football Player with an Inspiring Story of Injustice, Strength & Redemption
One of the country's most prominent exonerees, this former football star inspires with his unforgettable, life-affirming story of resiliency, redemption and triumph over adversity and injustice.
Brian Banks was a high school football star with a full-ride scholarship to USC and his sights set on the NFL. Those dreams were shattered when he was falsely accused and convicted at the age of 16. Ultimately, with the help of the California Innocence Project, Brian was exonerated after serving more than five years in prison and an additional five years on parole for crimes uncommitted.

Having secured his freedom, Brian recaptured his dreams of playing in the NFL. After trying out for numerous teams, he signed with the Atlanta Falcons April of 2013. Soon after, Brian was offered a job at the NFL’s Front Office by Commissioner Rodger Goodell.

Brian has gone on to become a Life Coach and Nationally recognized public speaker, having spoken across the country and Internationally. He sits on the advisory boards of the California Innocence Project and the National Registry of Exonerations.

Brian recently co-hosted Final Appeal, a new television series where Brian searches to uncover the truth behind controversial cases that may have led to wrongful convictions.

His book, What Set Me Free: A True Story of Wrongful Conviction, a Dream Deferred, and a Man Redeemed (July 2019) is the inspiration behind the feature film, Brian Banks, coming to theaters nation-wide (August 2019). The film stars Aldis Hodge playing the role of Brian.

Motivated by his powerful philosophy, “The Power of Choice,” Banks offers deeply personal perspective on redemption, overcoming unimaginable challenges, maintaining a positive outlook and reclaiming one’s path in life.